Smile.  Have you ever noticed how easily puppies make human friends?  Yet all they do is wag their tails and fall over.  ~Walter Anderson

I want to be a fat puppy with too big of feet for about 10 hours…. Waddle through the park and into groups of children and sit with some elderly…just to see the smiles and feel my ears pulled… the joy that just a puppy can bring… the smiles that get plastered on the faces…Its something special… Smiling is something special

Smiling makes the sun shine brighter… it invites strangers to become friends, causes small children to wave grubby hands with French fries in them at you in restaurants.  Lately, my smile has been hidden under a wall of frustration. It has been forced at best… I tell myself just SMILE and deal with it. Smiling always helps you get a fresh cup of perspective, even a forced smile can perk up Corey the Grouch.  Usually, in my case… if I smile enough I’ll snap out of whatever funk I’m in… it is good for the soul…inches into the brain and suddenly you have a new outlook on life… Some days, that works…others I give myself a mental butt chewing and tell myself to quit whining…

Lately it seems I’m notorious for having a pity party… it starts unexpectedly, like a ostentatious  little gnome attacking your shins with his tiny hammer.. its start small and unnoticeable but grows into something just plan annoying!!!  I get so MAD at myself for having said party that I argue with myself about the whole situation, in the end, we all decide we’ll feel better if we’d just cut out the whining and agree that it doesn’t need to happen again.. alas it usually does.

So WHY have a pity party?? I think being human, we are naturally self centered. We like to think the only problems that exist are our own and they are by far the worse ever that is happening at that time in this world. We WANT our situation to be terrible so we get attention and so that someone notices us! We stomp our feet like a spoiled toddler and demand that the world stop and incline its head towards us.

Sadly – lately I’ve done too much of that… I need to refill my cup-o-perspective and remember that you can “attract more bees with honey” than you can with sour milk… I need to remember to be that fat waddley puppy that is so dern cute you can’t help but grin at instead of the grizzly bear no one wants to hear.

Last night,  Insomnia and I had a date about 2am.. we chatted some and decided that some things you can’t change, and some things you can.. you have to be willing to change them and if you can’t —–change yourself. Categorize what is important and worth the fight, and what is better left undone or unsaid…make wise choices about your emotions.

So, all that being said —where does the smile come in?? It comes in before the sun sets down on your bitter mood, it comes in after the veil starts to fall as it can lift it up and push it back… it comes in after your best friend betrayed you, your lover leaves you or your car doesn’t crank…knowing that somewhere out there, someone is just waiting to see your smile because it makes their day better. Understanding that your attitude affects every action and reaction you will make during the day, and admitting that smiling makes YOU feel better and when YOU feel better.. well you can handle purt’ near anything 🙂

Yes, smiles are funny things…with them you feel something that tickles your insides all the way from your ends of your toes to the tips of your nose… it can curl your hair, brighten your eyes, and cause you to dance in the rain…

So come on… turn that frown upside-down and whistle along to “Don’t Worry be HAPPY” with me as we think on this…